Simple but very powerful – The SaaS Edge

I just finished going through my copy of The SaaS Edge – a fabulous book on SaaS by Sahil Parikh/ Founder / Deskaway, a portfolio company of The Morpheus. Sahil sent me signed copy of the book couple of months ago with a personal note, I read it in parts in between my travels & other things that kept my busy – it was never easy to keep it down.

I have known Sahil for over 2 years & one thing that stands out about him is that he has extremely clear thoughts about things that he cares about . This includes his startup Deskaway / colleagues / family / friends / vacations / work life balance etc. His thoughts on all these subjects are very clear – no confusion what so ever. And to the delight of all the readers – he has brought the same clarity to the book, that is what makes it “Simple but very powerful”. The book starts with basics and it really holds the hand of the reader while taking the him through the fascinating world of Web 2.0 and SaaS. It does not let the reader get scared or over whelmed by the jargons. Every concept is introduced using simple but relavent examples / qoutes / diagrams. After learning the basics reader will effortlessely move into the more advanced levels.

  • SaaS for you
    • One part of the book talks about tools and platforms available for an individual
    • It gives an intro of web 2.0, covers things like blogging / twitter / FB / LinkedIn in a very practical manner
    • If you are already using these tools – the book can help you get more out of them
    • If you are someone who knows browsing but has never used these tools – get the book, you can get started & starting benefititing in no time
    • I have recommended the book to my dad. He uses his laptop regularly for reading news and doing email. He does have accounts with FB / twiiter /linkedin but does not know how to really use them – I am sure the book will help him
  • SaaS for your business
    • Again in a very simple manner concept of SaaS is introduced as “renting software via the internet”
    • It talks about the common tasks that your business accomplish using different SaaS applications like blogs / wikis / google apps / sales force / get satisfaction etc
    • It talks about Myths around SaaS / advantages of SaaS and leaves you with a sense of power of SaaS
    • Armed with this book and a willingness to change any business owner can transform his business

I was an early adopter of SaaS & for last 3+ years I have hardly used any desktop application. Every thing that I use is either a SaaS app or an iOS app – mails / social networking / video / productivity apps / music / contacts / calender / blogging – abosultely everything. Not using desktop applicitons is very librating, becasue you are no longer tied to a particulat laptop or desktop. I purchased an iPad a month ago , before that I spent almost 6 months without a laptop. Most of my things I did on my iPhone and if needed I could use the browser on any laptop / desktop around me.

For Morpheus, right from beginning we have used SaaS for everything – mails, docs, CRM, blogging, managing portfolio. It allows us to be wagabond & bootstrapped, while we use high quality products.

I find SaaS so practical and good that I think this is only way software should be build or used. So if you want to start your journey or get better at harnessing the power of SaaS go right ahead and place your order with Jumadi.  Jumadi is an online bookstore (morpheus portfolio company) you will get 25% discount on the book & if you mention discount code SAHIL you will get another 5% off.

Everyone in the Morpheus Gang (partners & portflio founders) is very proud of Sahil for writting such an amazing first book and believes that he will keep producing high quality work well into the future.