InterviewStreet : 1st Morpheus gang company that may be worth billion dollars

Forbes has published a list of 6 YC companies that may be worth billion dollars and Interview Street is on that list. Everyone in the morpheus gang is very proud of IS team and what they have accomplished. Now that IS may become the first startup from the morpheus gang to hit the billion dollar mark, we are very confident that many more will emerge, reach the billion dollar and go far beyond that.

Here is what the forbes article says about IS:
Interviewstreet An online marketplace for hackers timed perfectly for Silicon Valley’s escalating Nuclear War for Talent. Interviewstreet challenges engineers to programming puzzles and real world problems. At the end of these challenges, engineers are asked which companies they want to work for. Should those companies hire them, Interviewstreet gets a nice $10,000 referral bonus. Facebook, Amazon and Zynga are already using the service and some 200 other tech companies are waiting to sign up. Interviewstreet claims it is already profitable and doubling revenues each month.