Great interview by Phani of Redbus

I just stumbled upon this amazing interview RedBus Sells 3 Million Bus Tickets Online: Says CEO Phanindra Sama & almost immedialety wanted to share with the readers of this blog.

It was great reading his answers. Based my experience I could figure out the answers are true & honest. He is not trying to create an “image” for the company or “hide” things like revenue breakup, which most folks would consider proprietary information. Knowing Phani it was not a big surprise to me, but believe me this is a very rare quality to find in a founder of his level.

Sadly a large majority of funded startup founders / CEOs,  raise money on fancy stories & fancy pedigrees & they seldom focus on true quality of execution because their only focus is raising more money & getting to an exit asap. In most such cases things are not great inside the company, but instead of accepting the truth and fixing things, they keep lying to everyone including themselves & only paint a rosy picture in media, for the outside world.

Note: The topic of practicing honesty while building a business deserves a longer post, I plan to do it sometime over the next couple of weeks.