Participating in IIT Roorkee E-summit

I am looking forward to participate in IIT Roorkee E-Summit @ 18-19 April 2009.  I am not taking my laptop, it will be a good break from my regular schedule, campuses are always good places to spend time at, students are so full of energy.

I am doing quite a few things as part of the event:

  • Giving a talk  on “Accelerating your Startup“,
  • Participating in a panel discussion  “What investors want?
  • Mentoring startups in the “Mentoring Clinic
  • And judging finals of the B-plan competition – ARTH

If you are planning to attend the summit, lets catch up this weekend @ IIT R.


Here are my notes for the talk on Accelerating your Startup, would love to get your inputs as well.

  • Get out of planning and discussion phase
  • Commit to deadlines
  • Make decisions
  • Execute, execute , execute
  • Translating dreams to idea
  • The art of zooming in: entrepreneurs always start with a grand vision, the art is to zoom into a small part of the vision and start by doing it well.
  • Cost management,  Time management  (use tools like : spread sheets , desksway , white boards)
  • Force yourself to release / launch fast
  • Go get real users ->improve their life
  • Start efforts to monetize the users
  • Its possible to apply agile techniques to all parts of your business ( 2 week release cycles)
  • Ensure Quality, quality comes with care. Build products that are dream come true for your customers.
  • While building your products, go around with your laptop, show it people in in cafe – get feedback, talk about it
  • Measure, Measure, Measure – what can be measured can be managed
  • The winning formula: 10L and 12 months
    • Upfront capital expense : 2 L
    • One year running expense @ 50 k / month = 6 L
    • Buffer: 2 L
    • Ensure revenues of company are higher than 50 k / month before the end of 12 months
    • You are cash flow positive, no dependencies on investors
    • You have got people to pay for your service / product – you are in good company (All of the long lasting tech companies figured the monetization very early : apple , google, ebay, paypal, MS, amazon , skype)
    • You have survied 1 year – you are on your way to success

Interaction @ Chandigarh OCC : 17th April, 2009



Chitkara University, one of the most popular educational institutes in the Punjab/ Chandigarh region, are initiating the First Open Cofee Club in Chandigarh.

The inauguration and and first OCC Chandigarh meetup is backed by Chitkara E-Cell (Entrepreneurial Development Cell).

Details below:

Date:       17 April, 2009

Time:      3pm to 5pm

Venue: Chitkara Corp Office, Plot No-11-12, Dainak Bhaskar Building, Sector-25D, Chandigarh

Nandini and I have been invited to interact with the OCC Chandigarh members.

If you are around, come by. Lets meetup and share our experiences as startup entrepreneurs!

Speaking at Bangalore Nano 2008, IPS-2008 AIIMS, IITK – iDeas 2009

Looking forward to speaking at some conferences/events over next couple of months.  Also looking forward to meeting some interesting people. Drop me a line if you would be around and would like to connect. I am reachable on sameer AT morpheusventure DOT com.


  • When: 11-13 Dec 2008
  • Where: The Grand Ashok, Bangalore
  • Topic: My Story, Building startups and Entrepreneurship in general


  • When: 19 Dec 2008
  • Where: All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi
  • Topic:  Nuts and Bolts of starting a company


10th Annual Business and Entrepreneurship Festival, Megabucks , IITK

  • When: 9th-11th January 2009
  • Where: IIT Kanpur
  • Event: B-Plan competetion