Weekend evening @ cunnigham road


Saturday evening, we watched a movie @ fun cinemas. Movie was quite nice and we enjoyed it. Its called sex and the city, its a story of four girl friends in new York, the movie is extension of the popular HBO serial by the same name.

After the movie we ate dinner in a very good restaurant called Infintea. Its one of our favorite places to go and their service as well the good, is quite amazing. Specialty is the amazing variety of teas they serve (yeah they have a separate tea menu), along with nice European food. We ordered ordered one rice dish (yummy) , one hot nimbu chai and one chilled chilli chai ( it really has chills and tasted bitter and chilled – I luv it ). They also sell gourmet teas here, worth checking out..

A very nice and relaxed Saturday evening and followed by another relaxed evening on Sunday by  visiting our favorite saloon spratt studio on Sunday evening. I did a cut and a head message….wow it is really relaxing. G

Go check them out (they are on the Magrath road on left side, before garuda mall on the right side)