Lack of respect for fellow humans: hits me hard

Meeting people (new and already known to us) is  something most of us do regularly.  In this post I want to talk about one aspect of the people interaction and the way our mind unconsciously categorizes people whom we meet:

  1. First category is the people who leave us with fond memories, we would be glad to see them again or hear from them or even make proactive efforts to stay connected with them.
  2. Second category is people who we are neutral about, or not even thinking about. These guys are pretty much invisible. May be they did not interact much, time of interaction was not enough etc
  3. Third category which “hits me hard” are folks who seem to lack basic respect for fellow human beings and leave others with feelings like:

“What does this person think of himself / herself? He or she did not seem happy / open to meet me for some reason.  I am not sure I really care about seeing him/her again or hearing from him/her”

What these guys are doing is basically showing the lack of basic human respect, many times it happens that you meet this guy and start talking to him and he just gives you a cold shoulder,  tries to show you that he has more important things to do or people to talk to and you are just plain “unimportant”. Where as what he is doing is making himself “unimportant as a human being”..

On the other hand you meet people, whom you never met before but they are so warm and nice in the interaction, that even after a very small interaction you go away with fond memories and a feeling of bonding with them; a friendship, which stays for ever. These are the real angels.

In business as well as start-up world networking is one of the most critical elements and its clear that basic human behavior is what will drive the strength of your network, so be kind and fair to people..

Whats your experience…