Carpe diem – Seize the day


Dead poets anthem

Recently I watched the movie Dead poets society. The movie hit me hard,  I had tears in my eyes during the last 20-25 minutes. After the movie got over I was numb for sometime and my mind wouldn’t get away from it.  Its been 3 days since I watched it but the movie is with me. I can close my eyes and play the whole movie for myself.  So I guess its not a bad idea to write a post about it.

It teaches some of the most important lessons of life and delivers them in quite a hard hitting way.

  • Be a free thinker
  • Don’t conform; create your own identity
  • Suck out all the marrow of life
  • View things from a different perspective
  • Be loyal
  • (Most important) Carpe diem – Seize the day

Most institutions and influencers around us discourage us from following these lessons and sometimes even force us,  “to conform, to follow, to accept established views & methods, and to be safe”. These include – schools, colleges, parents, govt., relatives & more.

The movie is set in Welton Academy, shown as USAs most prestigious preparatory school, after finishing the school 90% of students  get into Ivy League. The school is run by a headmaster (and management) who is proud to continue the traditional, conformist ways of learning and wants to maintain absolute discipline. Mr. Keating (played by Robin Williams), an graduate of the same Welton Academy, comes into the school to teach English Literature – which is given pretty much a step-motherly treatment since the school wants to only produce – Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, MBAs.

Keating on other hand has different ideas. He starts his first class with “Carpe Diem” – a latin word that means “Seize the day” and Carpe Diem is the central philosophy of his teachings. He wants the students to be free thinkers, to create their own identities – he wants to them to “Seize the day” – Carpe Diem.

As per him English poetry has all the things we stay alive for – beauty, love, romance. His style of teaching is very fresh and totally out-of-the-box. Some of the boys go look up the yearbook for the year in which Keating had graduated from Welton and among other things they find the mention of Dead Poet Society. They ask Keating about it, at first he doesn’t want to talk about it. But when the boys push him he tells them about it but asks them to keep it a secret. During his school days, members of Dead Poet Society met in the Indian Cave which was away in the jungle by the river after dinners, read poetry and sucked the marrow of life. A group of boys lead by Neil like the idea, re-form the Dead Poet’s Society and start the meetings. These boys also start becoming free thinkers and start to create their own identities. One track of the movie is about the teaching methods of Keating – where he uses poetry to teach them some important lessons of life. Second track shows stories of  all current members of Dead Poets Society who are influenced by Keating’s teachings and decide to “be thinkers and find there own destiny”, instead of just doing what their parents and headmasters are telling them to do. As expected the school management does not appreciate his endeavor of making real thinking citizens out of the students and they decide to throw him out. The movie has an amazing ending, but I wont spoil the movie for you by telling the end. But let me tell you – it is the ending that is the most hard hitting. Watch the movie – you will enjoy it.

One of the reasons India has not realized its entrepreneurial potential and not produced the googles is that our kids continue to grow up in a conformist environment, risk averse society, surrounded by schools, colleges, parents and other influencing forces telling the kids to just follow, to conform and not to try new things. All of us admire and respect people like – JRD, Dhirubhai, Sunil Mittal, LN Mittal, Sanjiv Bhikchandani, Subhash Chandra, Narayan Murthy and many more, the entrepreneurs who have made a difference. Ironically, these guys were anything but conformist, all of them traveled the ‘road less traveled’, took the risk , trusted their guts and pursued opportunities which looked stupid to others. When Nandan Nikeleni decided to join Infosys as a young engineer from IIT Mumbai – his friends and family thought he was crazy and today he is one of the most respected guys in India.

The lessons of Dead Poet Society are cardinal to the success of an entreprenuer and I would strongly urge all entrepreneurs (current and would be) to watch the movie and internalize the lessons.  Get your parents to watch the movie as well.

Lessons once more:

  • Be a free thinker
  • Don’t conform; create your own identity
  • Suck out all the marrow of life
  • View things from a different perspective
  • Be loyal
  • and

Carpe Diem – Seize The Day

Credit: The image was taken from a blog post about Dead poets society

Rock On, Rock On, Rock On



I saw Rock On last week @ fun cinemas, Bangalore.

Frankly, I was quite sceptical about the movie, specially with Farhan Akhtar turning from director to hero (For some reason, I was thinking of Sonu Nigam who tried a similar stunt and failed miserably). Also I am a heavy fan of rock music and rock bands and hence did not want to risk watching a bad attempt at making a movie about rock bands. Anyways after hearing bunch of good reviews from Sahil and Harish; and constant pushing from nandini, I decided to give it a go. 

We went up, bought some popcorns and headed to the theatre. Only to find that the doors were not open.  They only opened 20 minutes after the expected start time of the movie. Anyways, we went in and settled, the movie started after a few commercials.

I was still thinking that movie will be disappointing.  But with every scene, my views were changing, first I thought it looks interesting, after 30 minutes I was thinking it is a promising movie, by interval I knew its a good film and by “The End” I knew they have made an excellent, almost flawless movie.

The movie inspired me to get back and start learning a musical instrument like drums or guitar. The movie took me back to my college days, 10 years back, where I used to work with our college band, organize live rock band shows and do all those things. It also got me to think if there is anything I was passionate about 10 years back and I have left behind in this race of life.

The script of the movie is very well written, the transitions between present and past are cut well, it has perfect casting, I specially loved the look carried by Arjun Rampal – the guy totally rocks. The movie has ZERO melodrama, its very realistic and very simple. The filmmaker has focused only on the core theme of movie “music and living your dreams”, everything around is out of focus. He has got the whole rock band thing right, the practice, the struggle, the music, the look,  the shows and every thing else.

Everyone has acted well and done justice to the script, music is good, good lighting, good camera and good overall technical execution. I am planning to watch it once again in theatre and would highly recommend it to every one.


Rude customer service – Fun Republic bangalaore

I am right now watching “halla bol” at fun republic, bangalore. Movie seems to be fine but before coming in i experinced torture at the hands of employees of the multiplex.

We decided around 1130 to watch a movie at Fun Republic bangalore, went online booked the tickets, paid 660 – 600 ticket price end 60 convience charges. Now what exactly is this convenience? You dont have to stand in the queue at the multiplex.

But when we reached the mutliplex we were in for rude surprises. The guys at the ticket counter told us to stand in the regular queue!!! Now what was that? i told him that we have booked the ticked online and hence you just give us the ticket, if i a have to stand in the queue what is point of buying online. He told me that online you can choose ur own seats thats it but when u come to multiplex u have to stand in the queue. I told him i always book online and there should be no need to stand into the queue. But despite of this we and few other customers who had also booked online were made to wait and treated rudely. When we asked to speak to the manager the same guy who asked us to get into queue is the manager and he told us he is too busy right now to even to talk to us.

what do these guys think? Customers are fools and deserve to be treated in such an insensitive manner. What do you think?