Eyes closed, head shaking

Eyes closed, head shaking;
My girl-my girl, don’t lie to me, tell me where did you sleep last night – cobain coming into me frm iphne;
Feeling bodies all around pressing against me;
Feeling the heat, Feeling the sweat under my Scopial tee;
Feeling the sweat under my beard;
Cobain Shuffles – You’re face to face the man who sold the word – tenetenu tenetu – teneeeeee, teneneeeee, drum rolls;
Pressing of bodies increasing like thy want to crush me;
Aaah I love my life;
Borivilli to Churchgate;
Startup to Startup, Founder to Founder;
This is my Nirvana;
Cobain Shuffles – my girl my girl, don’t lie to me, tell me where did u sleep last night …….

I am ashamed, I am angry…

Right now I am feeling ashamed and angry at the same time.

I just saw on TV how in Mumbai people from

Raj Thackeray’s party mercilessly went around beating helpless people in the pretext of them being “North Indians”, they slapped commuters on the train station, broke/burnt taxis … and all this for “votes”. As a citizen of modern India, I am very angry, this is completely unacceptable to me and many other people. I am ashamed that this is even allowed to happen and our police did not do much to prevent it.

May be the public needs to come together, catch these people and beat them on the roads, so that they never try to pull a stunt like this again….Who are these guys to take matters into their hands? Who gave them the right to beat people? No one has ever heard of Raj Thackeray’s party in last two years, since they separated from shiv sena.. and now they have gone to such a shameful level..to gain popularity…

With this incident politics in this country has touched a new low and I think young generation needs to take responsibility and do some thing about it. Go to a rally, dont vote for these parties, embrace people from all over the country (or the globe), lets create a movement and take out these guys….

Flight landings & standing fetish?!

I just landed in chennai via a late n ight flight and the question is ringing again in my mind….WHY DO PEOPLE LEAVE THE SEATS AND STAND UP AS SOON AS THE FLIGHTS LAND STOP?

I m talking abt these people who start getting impatient as soon as the flight lands, start opening the seat belts (seat belt sign is on), switch on the mobile phones (you r supposed to wait till the doors open) and these same guys immediately get up; take their respective bags and stand in the aisle for 10 minutes or so, they have the choice to continue sitting and only get up after de-boarding starts, but due some internal insinct more than 50 percent of the people stand and waste their energies.

Whats the cause of this behavior? I can think of few reasons, would love to hear more views:

– Insecurity: they basically dont feel secure sitting down and think that by standing they can get out before others which is sadly not true
– New travellers : some of them are new and hence think doors will open as soon as the plane stops and they can get off.

UPDATE (03 March 08): My X-boss (jai kumar), send me a couple of good thoughts on this:

1. The “real” reason that people stand up immediately after the plane lands is to s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Sitting crammed in economy class for lengths of time leads to “deep vein thrombosis” (economy class syndrome) and “bruised inner thighs”.

2. Do you ever see Business or First class folks stand up immediately after the plane lands? Never. Guess why?

Yes it is possible in India!

Akhila writes a very touching and though provoking post An ode to the trees of Bengaluru

It provoked me to write about Bangalore and its unlimited limitations when it comes to roads and other infrastructure. Its sad the people in the govt/administration who have the responsibility, power and money to maintain and develop the city ‘s infrastructure dont add any value what so ever. In fact in most cases they are busy derailing the projects and initiatives in progress, popular example is Bangalore-Mysore NICE project, which has been attacked to no end by the Gowda family.

But when I think about the same subject in context of Delhi NCR, I feel extremely proud of what has been achieved during the last decade and what is being achieved even now day after day. The most inspirational part of Delhi’s story is the Delhi Metro , the team has build a world class Metro infrastructure and at an amazing pace.

Delhi has shown way to the country that yes it is possible to achieve big infrastructure wins in India and it can be done in an economically viable


, ecofriendly, people friendly way. We have all the capability, the knowledge and the money for it – it take political will and a committed and capable leader like E Sridharan (the Metro man) and we can move mountains. As we all know there is no dearth of “capable leaders” in our country, what we dearly lack is the political will?

Now its upto us “the citizens of India” to do what ever it takes to create this political will and pressurize our political and administrative people, so write a blog, send a letter to editor, visit your councilor, MLA, MP, sign a petition and make it possible in your city/state/country.

It hurts and frustrates me to see “Namma Metro” project on MG road in a virtual stand still, where as the great Delhi Metro is moving leaps and bounds, every time I go to delhi I see amazing amount of progress done…

I belong to the World! I belong to India!

Which city? Which country?

Frankly speaking I don’t think I live any more in any one city or any one country. I belong to India, I belong to the world and it belongs to me.


During the 30.5 years of my life I have been based in or traveled to various cities for different periods. List goes: Chandigarh, Patiala, Seoul, Chennai, Linz, Bangalore, San Francisco, Delhi, Munich, Mumbai, New York, Pune and a few more here and there. In the last few years I have really been on the move… living in different cities, traveling, singing along.



There is no time, need or reason to notice the change in cities or the distance covered. It’s all one seamless globe, which is thriving, buzzing both online and offline.

Online; where we spend a good part of life. Web, e-mail, chat, phone, skype, google maps blogs, avtars and the second life. In the digital world contact information does not change with the change in geography, so no one really knows when you move and mostly even you wont notice too much.

Offline; all cities look similar with malls, retail chains, lots of traffic on roads. The recent boom in aviation industry has also virtually removed distances between cities. You are in Bangalore for dinner and next morning breakfast is in Mumbai, evening tea is again in Bangalore… where is the to chance figure out the change in cities or countries.

So what do I say….