Participating in IIT Roorkee E-summit

I am looking forward to participate in IIT Roorkee E-Summit @ 18-19 April 2009.  I am not taking my laptop, it will be a good break from my regular schedule, campuses are always good places to spend time at, students are so full of energy.

I am doing quite a few things as part of the event:

  • Giving a talk  on “Accelerating your Startup“,
  • Participating in a panel discussion  “What investors want?
  • Mentoring startups in the “Mentoring Clinic
  • And judging finals of the B-plan competition – ARTH

If you are planning to attend the summit, lets catch up this weekend @ IIT R.


Here are my notes for the talk on Accelerating your Startup, would love to get your inputs as well.

  • Get out of planning and discussion phase
  • Commit to deadlines
  • Make decisions
  • Execute, execute , execute
  • Translating dreams to idea
  • The art of zooming in: entrepreneurs always start with a grand vision, the art is to zoom into a small part of the vision and start by doing it well.
  • Cost management,  Time management  (use tools like : spread sheets , desksway , white boards)
  • Force yourself to release / launch fast
  • Go get real users ->improve their life
  • Start efforts to monetize the users
  • Its possible to apply agile techniques to all parts of your business ( 2 week release cycles)
  • Ensure Quality, quality comes with care. Build products that are dream come true for your customers.
  • While building your products, go around with your laptop, show it people in in cafe – get feedback, talk about it
  • Measure, Measure, Measure – what can be measured can be managed
  • The winning formula: 10L and 12 months
    • Upfront capital expense : 2 L
    • One year running expense @ 50 k / month = 6 L
    • Buffer: 2 L
    • Ensure revenues of company are higher than 50 k / month before the end of 12 months
    • You are cash flow positive, no dependencies on investors
    • You have got people to pay for your service / product – you are in good company (All of the long lasting tech companies figured the monetization very early : apple , google, ebay, paypal, MS, amazon , skype)
    • You have survied 1 year – you are on your way to success