MVP founders meet : First Edition

I am looking forward to participating in the First Edition of MVP Founder’s meet. Its a full day event being held at  Fortune Select JP Cosmos, Bengaluru (Off cunnigham road) on 17 December, 2008.

Participants include our portfolio founders from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, a couple of other startup friends of MVP and a few well known folks like:

  • Subrata Mitra from Accel . A very active and succesful early and growth stage VC firm working with startups in India, USA, China and London
  • Sharda balaji from Novojuris – a legal firm with special focus on working with Startups
  • Indus Kaitan, Chief Plumbr of Sezwho. Indus has spent 10+ years in building startups in silicon valley . SezWho is a universal profile service for the social web – a popular startup in Silicom valley.
  • Harish Gandhi Alok Mittal from Cannan. A leading VC Firm working with startups in India, US and Isarael. (Update: Harish came in place of Alok and we had a great session with him)
  • Ananya Majoomdar from Times Private Treaties


  • Internal Sessions with MVP companies
    • Duration: 30-40 minutes each
    • Format : Interactive sessions
    • Goal:
      • Give the presenting company founders LIVE access to brains, thoughts and ideas of 10-15 peers.
      • They can gather a lot of fodder for thoughts and get inputs on some key business problems
    • Part 1 : Presenting company talks about their Business (5-8 minutes)

      • Whats the product
      • Whats the market
      • Whats the team
      • Present status
      • Plans going forward
      • Key Challenges / important business problems they are working on
    • Part 2: Other company founders will provide (25-30 minutes)

      • feedback
      • ideas
      • views
      • potential solution to the mentioned business problems
      • ask questions
      • point out risks etc
  • External Sessions with Investors / Entrepreneurs etc
    • Format: Informal interaction, Q & A, discussions, know each other etc
    • Number: 2-3 Sessions
    • Duration : 60 minutes each