I belong to the World! I belong to India!

Which city? Which country?

Frankly speaking I don’t think I live any more in any one city or any one country. I belong to India, I belong to the world and it belongs to me.


During the 30.5 years of my life I have been based in or traveled to various cities for different periods. List goes: Chandigarh, Patiala, Seoul, Chennai, Linz, Bangalore, San Francisco, Delhi, Munich, Mumbai, New York, Pune and a few more here and there. In the last few years I have really been on the move… living in different cities, traveling, singing along.



There is no time, need or reason to notice the change in cities or the distance covered. It’s all one seamless globe, which is thriving, buzzing both online and offline.

Online; where we spend a good part of life. Web, e-mail, chat, phone, skype, google maps blogs, avtars and the second life. In the digital world contact information does not change with the change in geography, so no one really knows when you move and mostly even you wont notice too much.

Offline; all cities look similar with malls, retail chains, lots of traffic on roads. The recent boom in aviation industry has also virtually removed distances between cities. You are in Bangalore for dinner and next morning breakfast is in Mumbai, evening tea is again in Bangalore… where is the to chance figure out the change in cities or countries.

So what do I say….