Cafe coffee day, we dont need u


Tuesday (18 March) , I and nandini were catching a flight to bangalore from delhi airport, it was early morning around 0500 am and we were hungry. We decided to get something to eat and headed to the cafe coffee day just outside the terminal.

Me: Can I get two masala chai?

CCD: We dont have masala chai, only coffee. (NOTICE THERE IS NO APOLOGY IN THE WORDS)

ME: Why no chai?

CCD: There are no tea bags.

ME: Ok, can I get a sandwitch and one cofee (I handed him a 500 Rs note)

CCD: Please give me change, I dont have change

ME: I dont have change

CCD: We also dont have change (no attempt to get change from near by shops etc, there were two people in CCD)

ME (got angry) : Thank you very much please cancel my order

CCD: says nothing, makes no attempt to stop me or appologise, just hands me back my 500 rs.

We decided to go inside the airport and find another place as you coffee day is not the only business who sells coffee/tea/sandwitches (although it seems like thats what they believe).

And once inside and checkedin , we looked around and found a spanking new outlet of a new chain (Buno and Kaffa). They gave us great service, fresh sand witches and smiling faces.

Its sure that from now on, when I ever I travel via delhi my preferred place to eat will be BUNO and KAFFA , coffee day does not need me or my business…

I have noticed this scenario repeat often across multiple outlets of  CCD all over india and i am sure more and more customers will opt for alternatives and CCD’s business will be effected badly **THINK STARBUCKS**, and they can continue to think they are doing a favor to customers by selling coffee, tea, sandwitches… where as they really ought to be selling the customer experience…