Bus from Chandigarh to shimla

We are right now sitting  in bus going from chandigarh to shimla. Its a 4-4.5 hrs journey and we have done about 2 hrs already, just about half way.

We got up around 0500 am today morning, packed our stuff, got ready and reached the Chandigarh bus stand (new one in sector 43) by 0615. I enquired to see if there was a deluxe bus going to shimla and found that the morning deluxe just left about 10 minutes ago and next one will be after few hrs. Thats was cool, we bought tickets for the normal bus (100 rs per person and took seats no 21, 20 on the bus, waiting for the bus to leave. soon we figured out that we were in wrong bus and the bus we bought tickets for was standing on the other side. Quickly got of and sat in the right bus, same seat numbers – 20 & 21. Bus seats were  almost full as it left Chandigarh bus stand. But soon as it made stops on the way more people started coming in to take standing positions in the aisles. Its always interesting to observe the social interactions in these situations. So one lady comes in with two small kids. A roughly two yr old son in mothers lap and roughly five year old year daughter trying to find a place to sit in a bus where all seats were full. The person sitting on the other side of the aisle from me moves a little makes space for the little girl and lets her sit. A young man on the seat just in front gets up to give his seat to the lady, so that she can sit with her son. How nice! (though its quite common).

Actually my mom used to travel a lot by buses with me and my brother. We travelled between Chandigarh and various towns of Punjab, to visit my maternal grand parents. My nanaji ( maternal grand father) was in a bank job and hence would get transferred to a new place every 3 years. Those visits were always full of fun and nanaji always got us a account in comics shop near home, so that we can rent as many comics as we want during our vacation.

Anyways, coming out of memory lane into the present. We just crossed solan, mid size and well known town. We will be in shimla by 1100 am. Will be meeting ankit and nandini (founders of instablogs ), have breakfast with them and leave by private taxi to goto Thandedar.