Wanna be an enterprenuer – Figure it the fuck out

Just read this amazing article by Chad – Figure it the fuck out. His observations are right on the money and totally apply to the startup scenario.

I meet loads of wanna be entreprenuers who are not yet ready to leave their jobs and somehow want to convince me (and themselves) that they are going to be just fine while they are “working a full time job & doing a startup” or while one person on the team is full time & rest of them continue other full time activities.

And when I tell them it wont work out like this and there is nothing called part time entreprenuership. You are not full time because maybe you don’t want it bad enough, many times that annoys them (and that’s my intent anyways – may be it will change them).

Common arguments :

  • I know a lots of folks who built big businesses while they also had a job
  • We are moving in that direction and for next year one person on the team of 3 will be full time – so we are committed
  • And the brahmastra How can I quit my job I have so many financial commitments?

Go and “figure it the fuck out” / Dont waste yours & mine time.

Wanaa solve a problem u deeply care deeply about?

Best startups happen when someone who deeply cares about a problem decides to go all the way to solve it. Most of the time these are problems you have faced yourself but not always. Best founders are ones who are totally annoyed by a problem and cant take it any longer. 

  • Google founders cared deeply about the accuracy of search results & were annoyed by results shown by existing search engines like – yahoo / altavista
  • Steve jobs cared so deeply about design of products that he taught all of us “What a good design is and how to appreciate it?”. He has been doing it for over 33 years and still has the fire to take on all mobile companies

Many founders would ask – if the venture can make money – why do I have to care deeply?

  • All (or most) money made by a business, by fair means, comes from real users
  • Users only pay for something that solves a problem, they have, in a really good way
  • It’s not enough to get users to pay once – for a business to really grow users have to pay again & again and they should spread the gospel about you
  • Only way to accomplish this is to create a high quality solution for a problem thats important for users
  • To create a high quality solution – you really need to care deeply about a problem
  • You should care so deeply that you want to solve it not only for yourself but for everyone in the world
  • You should care so much that “you get joy in your customers joy” and “you feel pain if your customer is in pain”
  • Without that connection it won’t work

If you want to solve a problem you deeply care about (or are already working on it) – The Morpheus will be happy to partner with you, infact we are badly looking for you everywhere. Talk to us