It takes a leader to deliver – Blue Dart

“It takes a leader to deliver”

This is the slogan of Bluedart – which was written on the posters all around me, when I went a Blue Dart Hub to send a courier to Mumbai.

I went in, asked for envelope, wrote the address on envelop, waited 5 minutes for my turn while keeping an eye on a guy who came after me but was trying to push his packet ahead of mine.  The bluedart guy took my packet looked at it and said “We need complete From address” and gave my packet back into my hands and started processing the other guys package.

I was thinking “Why was this not mentioned to me before while I was asking for the envelope ? Why is their no written instruction on the wall saying one needs to have full From address ?”.

Anyways, I had no choice so I wrote the From address on my package and gave it back. The guy started processing it and asked me to pay 230 bucks. Which I thought was too high for a Bangalore – Mumbai courier. I mean Bluedart is (so called) high quality and more expensive courier but, Is it worth 5 times the price of others?. Anyways since the courier was urgent I decided to pay 230 bucks.

I gave the guy 300 bucks, he took the money and asked me if I had change, I told him I dont have change. He looked at me as if I have committed a big crime and looked at me for some time. I guess he was hoping that I will go and arrange some change. When that did not happen, he waited a little more and then went in to arrange change. I was already quite irritated, that these f***s want to charge 230 bucks for a 50 bucks service but won’t keep change.

He returned in few minutes and told me “Sorry sir we dont have change”, expecting me to do something, may be go out and start looking for change or may be cancel my order.

At this point, I got really really pissed I said “Fine, give me phone number of your manager, I will talk to him”. Suddenly his face changed, he quickly completed the documentation, once again went in and with one minute came back with exact change and gave it to me.

Do you think I will go back to bluedart after this? To get ripped off and get shitty service.

So much for civic sense …

(written on my iPhone yesterday morning)

I am at Shekhar Hospital @ basavangudi, one of the prestigious hospitals, in Bangalore, waiting for my turn to see the doctor.

Couple of minutes ago I took out a small piece of paper from my pocket, took out the chewing gum from my mouth, wrapped it in the paper and looked around for a dustbin. There was none. I got up and went around looking, none in sight.

I went upto one of the secrurity guards standing in the corridor and asked ‘Where is the dustbin ?’

His answer: ‘Just throw it here by the wall, the cleaning staff will pick it up after some time’.

I dont know if I am over reacting here but his answer came as a shock to me. Its a hostiptal and is expected to be absolutely clean and they dont even have a dustbin and people who look for one are encouraged to litter ….how creepy is that ?

I just put my chewing gum in my pocket and started writing this post ..