Delhi blasts: My thoughts & live coverage on


I just got to know about Delhi blasts thru a mail that came from Instablogs.  You can see the live coverage here.  Recently the terror activities seem to have increased as well as spread through the whole of  India, specially the major cities, cities which are seeing progress.  

These attacks are clear signs of anger orginiating from people who are political masterminds and have heavility vested interested in promoting acts like these.  All these are selfish interests like money, power and politics and these is no concern about the citiezens of their own community. End of the day these tasks executed by normal and many times innocent citizens who have been brain washed and controled by these master minds. 

All of us need to shoulder the responsibility of this trend, since most of the times we as citizens of India do not treat citizens from other sects, religions and parts of India; at par with themselves as equals. Following this type of approach mindlessly obviously end up hurting the sentiments of people and these same people are then exploited by the masterminds of these blasts and riots. On the other hand if we treat each other with love, care and respect, we may succeed in turning the tide around and stop the brainwashing.  This applies to all of as we look around we can find such masterminds in each religion, sect and parts of our country and the world at large…

What do you think???

Rock On, Rock On, Rock On



I saw Rock On last week @ fun cinemas, Bangalore.

Frankly, I was quite sceptical about the movie, specially with Farhan Akhtar turning from director to hero (For some reason, I was thinking of Sonu Nigam who tried a similar stunt and failed miserably). Also I am a heavy fan of rock music and rock bands and hence did not want to risk watching a bad attempt at making a movie about rock bands. Anyways after hearing bunch of good reviews from Sahil and Harish; and constant pushing from nandini, I decided to give it a go. 

We went up, bought some popcorns and headed to the theatre. Only to find that the doors were not open.  They only opened 20 minutes after the expected start time of the movie. Anyways, we went in and settled, the movie started after a few commercials.

I was still thinking that movie will be disappointing.  But with every scene, my views were changing, first I thought it looks interesting, after 30 minutes I was thinking it is a promising movie, by interval I knew its a good film and by “The End” I knew they have made an excellent, almost flawless movie.

The movie inspired me to get back and start learning a musical instrument like drums or guitar. The movie took me back to my college days, 10 years back, where I used to work with our college band, organize live rock band shows and do all those things. It also got me to think if there is anything I was passionate about 10 years back and I have left behind in this race of life.

The script of the movie is very well written, the transitions between present and past are cut well, it has perfect casting, I specially loved the look carried by Arjun Rampal – the guy totally rocks. The movie has ZERO melodrama, its very realistic and very simple. The filmmaker has focused only on the core theme of movie “music and living your dreams”, everything around is out of focus. He has got the whole rock band thing right, the practice, the struggle, the music, the look,  the shows and every thing else.

Everyone has acted well and done justice to the script, music is good, good lighting, good camera and good overall technical execution. I am planning to watch it once again in theatre and would highly recommend it to every one.

Media_httprockonbigad_iagdu : Cool Weekend guide


I have been meaning to blog about this for last 2-3 weeks. The guys at Commonfloor (MVP 08 company) have started releasing this really cool weekend guide for the members of commonfloor and other subscribed members. They send it every Thursday evening (great timing) and it has:

  • Selected list of movies coming on TV
  • Movies in theatre
  • Events happening in the city
  • Shopping sales, 
  • Weekend getaways 
  • and few other items. 

I have found it extremely useful, the design is also very thought of. The information can be found if one looks at various places, but these guys have done a good job of aggregating it in one place.

Check it out here and you can subscribe to it as well, if you have any suggestions do let us know in comments.



Reporting Live: Google chrome crash

Just 10 minutes back the famous chrome gave me the same “problems” which it claims to be solving. Here is what happened:

  • I was on chrome (on XP) and had a few open Tabs  gmail, google apps and my wordpress blog and google docs
  • I was jumping between Tabs and there you go!
  • The dreaded browser hang happened, the problem in one TAB causing all TABs to hang.
  • I waited for a few minutes to try and see if it recovers, I also tried taking a screen shot to publish it on this post, but hang was so bad, it did not let me do that as well.
  • As a next step I opened “task manager”, here I see 4-5 “chrome.exes”, all of them on top when I sorted by memory usage
  • Since the whole thing was hanging, I proceeded to kill each one of them one by one.
  • But the last one was not going at all, it just kept hanging in there “end process” / “end process tree” , nothing was working at all
  • Since I wanted to finish some work, I opened FIREFOX todo the same and it also hanged. Basically the chrome hang caused the whole OS to hang
  • So I went and did a RE-START on Windows
  • No use here also
  • I had to do a  HARD REBOOT of my laptop to recover

Disclaimer: I do realize that its a initial beta release and problems are expected to happen. This post was just to report my experience and see what others are seeing.