Who am I?

I am Sameer Guglani. I have interests in movies, books, music, travel, blogs, technology, starting businesses, users, customers and a whole load of areas. I started madhouse about two years ago in Aug, 2004, along with Nandini (my wife) and soon our Co-founder Ankur joined us on board. Madhouse is a media and entertainment company.

I am an alumnus of Thapar Institute, India, completed my B.E. in Electrical Engineering in 98. Before starting madhouse I worked for 6-7 years in wireless telecom industry. I spent about 5 years working for a couple of wonderful startups; sonim and telephia . My theory is that once you have fun working for a startup, there are two things you can do

* Work for another startup
* Do a startup of your own

Madhouse was started 25 months ago and these months of my life have been very enriching, full of learning, loads of fun, so many new friends, I have had a ball. It feels like I have used each and everything I had learned so far in my life, during these formative years of madhouse. At the same time it also feels that I have learnt more in these two years, as compared to what I learnt in 27 years of my life before starting madhouse.

Along the way we have received immense encouragement & support from whole lot of people, those whom I knew and those whom i did not. I thank all of them. I plan to share my thoughts, experiences, learnings and musings via this blog and would like to connect with people around the globe, who would wander onto this blog.

another stop in blogosphere

hi friends

My first step into blogosphere was to start reading venturwoods , a nice blog which talks about the startup ecosystem in India, which is in a nascent stage. I started reading blogs early this year and every time was reading, it was very difficult to stop. I had to always pull myself away, reminding myself that there are other things I need to spend time on. As time went by, things become further complicated, since everytime i read blogs, i found some more blogs, which I liked to read.

My second step was to start using a RSS reader. Looked around and started with Google Reader. Atleast, I dont need to open and read each blog, the posts came to me like mails. Slowly I learnt to organize post and very recently google has upgraded its reader to support some new features like folders and stuff.

Today I take the third step, that is to start writing my blog. This is something I have been thinking of doing for some time now. I will try to do minimum one post a week (though it feels aggressive to me)