Thanks – Laughter challenge

Look around and you will notice that more and more people are talking about how Indian TV is becoming increasing useless. What they mean to say is that quality of content on TV is really going to dogs day by day. They watch TV only due of lack of other options of entertainment and information and those who have an option dont take more than seconds before deciding in favor of the non-TV option (multiplex movie, internet surfing, walk in the park or an evening with a friend). The number of channels is increasing every week. That just adds to the effort of browsing thru all of them every 10 minutes and still one can not find even a single program that’s really worth watching.

In this era of badly created, repetitive and boring content; I would like to thank Star One and the Laughter Challenge team for creating a show for which I eagerly wait every week, each episode is worth watching again during the weekly re-runs.



Kudos to Pankaj and his team! It’s fairly obvious that they are working very hard on all the aspects and getting them right episode after episode, season after season.

Finding very good talent from across India and Pakistan

Every performance has lot of behind the scenes work. Meticulous Planning, many rehearsals, crisp editing, the right sound cues, amazing lighting and much more

Great judges who add a lot of value to the show…

Very Gracious and scintillating hostes

      I would like to personally thank the “Laughter Challenge team” for creating this show and making my (and many other people’s) weekend evenings worth looking forward to and filled with loud laughs and many smiles. The jokes than continue to be cracked and laughed over with friends and families over many weeks to come. I would like to recommend the show to everyone…

      I sincerely hope that we will see more shows that of the same or better quality and create a pull towards television and not a push away which is happening across programs and channels..

      PS: Another show that think is of very high quality is “saregamapa on Zee TV”. I will separately blog on that.