Meow 104.8 FM – Wonderful Radio Station

Disclaimer: Please do not leave comments on the blog or send me mails if are looking for a job with radio meow.I do not work for Meow, also I dont know any one who works for the station. I have just written this post as a listener.

Last week in Delhi, I noticed interesting billboards of a new radio station “Meow – India’s first only for women radio station”. I was curious so tuned in, since that time I was clued on to MEOW, during my stay in Delhi. Its a wonderful station with lots of good discussions and very less music (for a change). Audience participation is very high and the quality of RJ’s is exceptionally good. Discussion topics are very relevant, many times me and my wife start our own discussion on the same the topic, that lasts longer than the program.


The shows are well created and range from “tu-tu meow, meow” to “meri meow”, etc. The best part is that when ever a caller calls the RJ says “Hi, Rajesh, Meooow to you” and they way they say its so infectious and funny that most callers start by saying “Meoooow”. There is such a masti in the saying “Meow” I guess that frees the caller of all inhibitions and that brings out bindaas opinions and thoughts; which gets reflected on air..

Good to see a different type of channel.. radio in India is just starting to take shape, good job Meow team… hoping you seeing you (listening i mean) in other cities as well.

PS: I must say the RJ’s are very sharp, if a caller is not adding much value on air but just wasting time. RJ’s are fast to cut him “off air”, in a nice but diplomatic way in the interest of the show