Hiring method that works

I recently learnt of a hiring technique that is working very well for one of The Morpheus’ portfolio company (and while interviewing for them I wrote the previous article). They have been able to build a very impressive pipeline of potential candidates for various roles and all this without paying expensive fees to consultants.


  • Create a hiring team that would exclusively focus on hiring & do nothing else for minimum 1 month 
    • Have an HR person who would undertake search / make the initial contacts / handle scheduling & other logistics 
    • Have founders dedicate their time to share the company’s vision & check the skills of candidates 
    • Have domain experts to check for required skills 
    • Have some experienced advisers / entrepreneurs / investors / mentors to check if the guy would fit in a startup (people who understand culture of ur startup) 
  • Be prepared to put dedicated / high quality / honest effort 
  • Ensure the pre-sales material is in place : 
    • Impressive corporate website
    • Well written job profiles
    • Well thought of pitches to get candidates interested
    • Crisp powerpoints abt the company 
  • Understand that the best talent is most likely not looking for new positions & hence ur initial pitch / pre-sales needs to be really good 


  • Buy a limited time access to naukari.com database 
  • Buy premium LinkedIn package for your HR person 
  • Make a list of companies / places you would like to hire from 
  • Find relavent people in those companies via linkedin & other sources 
  • Research them online / on social media 
  • Connect with them on social networks or use naukari.com database to find a old / new copy of resume of this guy 
  • Basically get hold of their cell number / personal email 
  • Have a person with good people skills (preferabally a girl) cold call this person 
  • This first contact should only focus on few things
    • We are a exciting company
    • We have hand picked ur profile from 100s of profiles
    • Our founder would like to meet you for coffee 
  • Line up lots of focused interviews 
  • Ensure a high quality interview process that would look impressive to potential candidates 
  • Take real good care of candidates during the interview process
    • meet them on agreed time
    • keep them informed
    • keep ur promises
    • [Important] do get back to people who are rejected & inform them accordingly 
  • For candidates who look good, line up the followup interviews fast & complete the whole process swiftly 

Hope fully this would allow you to build a good hiring pipeline & close some positions. Do share ur experiences & tips in comments.


Note: Thanks to Ankita & Annkur for sparking the idea for the post.

  • Sandeep Choudhary

    nice…. i know it works…!- Sandeep Choudharyhttp://mobi-solutions.blogspot.com/

  • Namit

    Or you could just use http://www.sutralite.com/ and hire painlessly !

  • Satya Narayan

    Cool.. You’ve just described a regular hiring process in most companies.. and most goof it up.The key is to focus on kind of people you want to work with and then work backwards. If you need a Guy Steele to program for you.. well you’ll have to raise your game.Nice post though. Thanks.

  • Mitesh Ashar

    This is nice, Sameer!Like Satya says, you do seem to be covering the bare basics, which IMHO most of us tend to forget inside of a startup! There are a few basic questions I have.1) The approach requires cash on the LinkedIn & Naukri side of the approach. Do you think there is any alternative that can be considered by cash-strapped bootstrappers?2) How important is it to have a HR team for bootstrappers? Do you mean we should hire them for good? Or will in ur opinion, getting this outsourced would also work?

  • Vijay Sharma

    Haha – love Namit’s reply :) #awesomelyopportunistic